Several video clips are available now.

If you can add to the cast of characters or give me people's full names, please send an e-mail (Allen.Jensen(at) - replace the (at) with @). Order of appearance and some description to identify them (Green shirt or rebel hat, or something like that) will help

Summer or fall (?) 1960 (1.2Mb)

Cast of Characters:

Chirstmas 1960 - (4.1Mb)

Cast of Characters:

Lots of folks, will try order of appearance, left to right...

Easter 1962 - (2.5Mb)

Cast of Characters:

Easter (?) 62 - (9.0Mb)

Not certain of date - shortly after Shelly Bagnuolo (Jensen) was born

Cast of Characters:

Who are they now

Some names are as the were at the time, others are not. Aliases follow.

Family Trees

Please feel free to let me know of ommisions, this is a work in progress.

Brown - I don't know further back

Epperson - I don't know further back