UPS lies to thier customers, do not use their service

I have been repeatedly lied to by UPS employees.

A first attempt was made August 2, nothing was left by the driver to indicate he was there. No one came back, so I called on August 6th. The person I talked to asked what time I would like to have the package picked up and I told them Monday between 5-7PM. They said someone would call me before 10AM on the 8th. On the 8th, Doris called my from UPS. She told me that the person who told me that they could arrange for the pickup between 5-7P was not authorized to do so and that they could not do that for me. I asked if there was any way I could just drop the package off at the local UPS center and Doris said yes there was and gave me the phone number 770-248-4091 to call. She also said she would try to contact the driver to see if she could get him to do my pickup late in the day and would call me back to let me know. I never got a phone call.

At 4PM on the 8th, I took vacation time from my job to go home so the package could be picked up. In spite of the fact that the web site indicated no delivery attempt had been made yet, I discovered a InfoNotice from UPS on my door showing that the driver had already been there. Next, I called UPS back again. The first person I talked to was Chirstina Reed, she said someone else needed to help me with this and transfered me to an angent name Kim who would not give me her last name. Kim said that Doris had been mistaken and that no, they could not arrange to have me drop off the package. At this point, I asked to speak with her supervisor. The so-called supervisor was very abrupt, said that there should be no problem and to drop off the package at the 3930 Plesantdale Rd. (30340) location the next day between 8A-8P and they would take care of it and then hung up on me.

The next day, I put the package in my car and went to the 3930 Plesantdale Rd. location where they proceeded to tell me that the lable was on the truck and they would try to print a duplicate for me. They came back and told me that the order was "too old" and had "expired" and the information was no longer in their system, that they were sorry but they could not take the package. I then called the 800 number again and got to a supervisor, Lori Lawson, who after hearing what I had been through had a good talk with the UPS person at the desk. After they were done, Lori started asking me if I could leave the package outside or with a neighbor. I told her my neighbors worked and there was no safe location as we have been having problems with theft out of peoples garages lately. At this point I told her to forget it and that she could not imagine how mad I was at UPS at this point. Next, I called Doris back and told her what happened. She told me that the ticket would have to be re-issued at this point. I told her it would not be with UPS.