Mount Pisgah Inn

Figured I would share my experience so no one else thinking of going to the Blue Ridge parkway Mount Pisgah Inn would have to suffer through my experience.

My trip to the Mt. Pisgah Inn for some observing, hiking and relaxing was a complete disaster. Yes, the food was good and the location great, but we received such rude, arrogant and inhospitable treatment at the dining room and hotel desk that we left after 1 day completely ruining our vacation this year.

We got there Sunday night and had dinner, but the waitress was completely inattentive. My wife had to order twice because they did not have what was on their menu, then they brought me the wrong main course. Ordering desert, again, they were out of what was on the menu (and we were early - 6PM).

In the very small rooms, we discovered the bed was rock-hard and lumpy. The pillows were very small and thin. All of the furnature was quite worn and the seats all felt like you might go through them at any minute. The room also smelled quite bad (skunk ???).

Monday morning, we had a waiter who was again completely inattentive, I had to get my own coffee refills because my waiter would never com to my table even when I made eye-contact and asked him over. When he brought the check, I paid with a credit card and he did not return my card. I had to ask for it and they had to go look for it (and I will be checking my credit card statement VERY carefully based on what happened at dinner).

Monday night, we ordered a bottle of wine. I made certain to point to it on the wine list because they had both a red and a white by the same vineyard. The waiter brought the wrong wine, then made like I had ordered the wrong one and it was my fault. Next, when he finally brought the correct wine, instead of setting it on the table, he placed the bottle in my bread plate! Already off to a bad start, my wife and I ordered our selections. A few minutes later - back comes the waiter - sorry - we are out of that (my wife). So, she orders something else - their trout - something they claim is their "specialty" all the time. Back comes the waiter - sorry, we are out of trout. Ok, so we are not quite there yet, my wife orders her 3rd selection, we both order rice as our side starch. I asked the waiter to find out when they would have more trout as I wanted some and would want to go somewhere else if they were not going to be getting any in the next day or so. The meal is delivered. Instead of clearing our salad plates, he instead asks us to hand them to him, guess no one explained to him that he has to clear before he servers. And, our sides - baked potato.... Waiter claims he told them rice and goes back to get our rice. About 10 minutes later, he comes out with two dishes of plain rice (not what I had the night before - pilaf). Drops them on the corner of the table - "here's your rice". Ok, I have just about had it with the guy, but I figure if we make it with no more screw-ups I will let it go. My wife and I both order desert and coffee. Out comes desert - no coffee, so I ask for the coffee and he says OK. About 10 minutes later, he comes back by and I ask where is the coffee, he says "oh" and goes off. Another 10 minutes, desert is finished, he comes by and I ask what happened to our coffee? He says he will get it and I say "never mind" - he literally throws the check tray on our table and storms of. I say "wait, you need to take the coffee off the check...." but he ignores me and rushes off. Wanting to talk to the manager at this point, I put the check on the cleared table next to mine figuring they will get the idea I am pissed at this point. The waiter comes back by behind me where I did not see him, picks up the check I put on the next table and again throws it on my table saying "the coffee is not on the check" and starts to rush off. I try to stop him - "wait a minute..." but he rushes off, so 1/2 way across the room I shout at him to "hey, stop and come back" - he rushes off into the back. I ripped up the check and threw it on the next table that was cleared off. Eventually, someone came to be seated, their waiter noticed the ripped up check and a smarmy young jerk came out and told us he had taken our deserts off because - get this - because we were not getting on with our waiter!. I told him at this point, I was not interested that and was considering cutting our stay at the hotel off. Too which he replied "well, I took off the deserts, what do you want me to do?" in a very arrogant and condescending tone. I told him at this point I did not expect anything of him and my next stop would be the front desk. I paid the bill.

When I got to the front desk, the night desk man on duty gave me a smug look and I told him we had a very bad experience in their dining room, to which he said he new already that we had been causing problems!!!! I asked him if we would be able to check-out ahead of schedule if we decided to do so. He asked for our room number, I thought so he could look up our room, but instead, HE WAS CHECKING US OUT AT 9PM AT NIGHT! I felt like I was being asked to leave at that point. I told him that no, we were not leaving that minute and I would talk this over with the regular manager in the morning.

Tuesday morning, we got up early, packed the car and I went by the office and explained to the day manager what had happened. He actually seemed concerned and wanted to know exactly what had happened and who was involved and said he was sorry it had happened and understood why we wanted to leave. We paid our 2 nights stay and left. I told him "good luck, you will need it to stay in business" as I left.

So ends my vacation.

Suggest you never go to the Mount Pisgah Inn under any circumstance.