Do NOT purchase a Meade ETX-xxx PE Telescope

Meade continues to have problems with their ETX PE line of telescopes. The one I orderd arrived with bad wiring. The LNT did not work and was replaced, this still did not fix the problem. I had to ship it back to Meade at my expense to get the wiring in the base repaired. When the telescope was returned to me, the flip mirror had fallen off the telescope.

I have spoken with several other people who have purchased Meade ETX PE telescopes and without exception, none of them had a working telescope delivered. I have actively sought out people who have had a good experience with an ETX PE telescope and have been unable to find a single person who got a working telescope delivered on the first try.

Meade service and support is very slow, it takes a week for the package to get to them where it will then sit on a shelf for 2 weeks before anyone will look at it (they said that is their "backlog"). It will then take a few days to get it fixed and shipped back out with another week of shipping time. Some of their support representatives are rather rude an inexperienced (Chris) and are hostile towards customers when they call. Meade dealers get the same service as Meade customers.

Do not purchase this telescope.